Choice of Material
In the production of a carpet at a-carpet 100% pure wool from New Zealand is used. The wool threads are ÒshotÓ by hand through an all-cotton fabric produced in Scotland and glued onto it using natural rubber from Malaysia. The rubber is later covered with a thin polypropylene fabric for protection and to hold the carpet in place on hard surfaces.

Every carpet that we produce is unique. As a customer with us you are free to decide on patterns, colours, shapes and size. The height of the rug can be cut to different levels or you can chose to have loops on parts of the carpet or on its full surface. The wool threads can be mixed with threads of gold or silver (lurex). Maybe you feel like having a hole cut out in the carpet. The possibilities of variations are endless. See it as a challenge; call us with your wild ideas! We give you advice and encouragement on design for free or we can get you in touch with one of our designers.

Follow the link here to view our movie of the productionprocess in our factory in Malaysia.