Business philosophy

It is beneficial for a market to have several players. Competition forces the vendors to be on their toes to offer good products and services. Because of this the likelihood of satisfied customers increases. In an ideal world there are only winners in a competitive market.

Competition is good
In our market there are many different types of customers with different demands. Ergo there is room both for the big producers of standardized products and for the niche players catering for the need of truly specific and innovative designs and choice of material and methods. a-carpet is a new and innovative player that started out to challenge the dominating dinosaurs on the Swedish market to create competition. We are now expanding our hunting grounds to include the rest of Europe and the Middle East.

The carpet should be a differentiator
We want to add a new dimension to the market as well as to the way we traditionally view a carpet. In a world where Design is both a buzz word and a way of living we want to get it down on to the floor. Let the carpet speak for itself. Let the carpet fly! We do this by having close cooperation with a number of very exciting designers. If we, as a bi-product, can assist Swedish designers to prosper abroad, increase the interest for Scandinavian design and create job-opportunities we feel that we would have achieved something out of the ordinary.

The customer is king with a-carpet
The basis for the business of a-carpet is the customersÕ wishes and needs. Every single product is created based on individual specifications from a customer. The cornerstones of our business model are:
•  Unique design
•  High service level and quality
•  Straight forward pricing and short delivery times

Among our customers you will find enterprises, big and small, as well as individuals. What unites all of them is a need for exclusivity. Our customers come to us for unique carpets of high quality. Many of them have come to establish a close relation to a-carpet to get advice and ideas. Our pricing-model is very straight forward and has become as popular with our customers as have our short lead-times from idea to a carpet on the floor.
a-carpet – the route to designed carpets